Guide on Medical Billing and Coding Training

For better career in Medical billing and coding proper medical training from accredited school or other programs of this field is required. Almost all medical billing programs are completed in one year or in less than one year, and along with this you can continue your full time job with training if your will get good job.

For enrollment in Medical billing training program it requires either diploma or GED i.e. General education development for admission. Some other schools may be different entrance test depending on school. For more information you can directly contact to school authority for further clearance.

Here I am going to give details of common subjects in which you will get training if you want to work in Medical Insurance Billing and coding Training.

Paper Claims Processing

Sometime it may be challenging to understand medical insurance policies and the administration of medical insurance like HMO and PPO.

Fast processing of medical insurance claims ensures doctors to get their fee quickly and efficiently. For this Medical insurance Billers and Coders plays a vital role in helping doctor to get their refunds on time.

While on training or job students must learn how to analyze and perceive the medical insurance papers and invoice.  An excellent training program will help you a lot in building reports, billing service providers, processing data and many more.


HMO stands for health maintenance organization(HMO). HMO is kind of medical insurance group bestows health services for a fixed annual fee in United States. It provides health care services for health insurance, self-funded health care benefit plans, individuals in United States.


PPO stands for preferred provider organization. It is an organization consists of Doctors, Hospitals and other health care providers who do agreement with third party administrator or insurer to provide health care services at affordable price to the insurers or administrators clients.

Health Insurance Policies

While on Medical training programs students should get deep instructions in the field of different health care policies and available programs.

A special class should be provided to students on Medical care, Medical aid, injury claims, health insurance group coverage and workers’ compensation.

CMS 1500 Claim Form

CMS 1500 form is issued by Medicare centers and Medicaid services and further used by all health care professionals to payoff services provided to patients. We can say that CMS 1500 is generally a claim form.

Students should get lot of instructions on CMS 1500 claim form while on training. During training school should give proper advice to student on how to fill the form correct and complete. One more thing while on training students should get training on identifing errors and fix these errors.

Understanding Codes

The most important part of Medical job is to know how to describe and use medical codes. In your course one class should be delivered on CPT and ICD codes. Understanding the code is must for this field if you are looking to make your carrier in Medical Billing and Coding.


CPT stands for Current Procedural Terminology and is a medical code set preserve by American Medical Association via CPT editorial panel. The CPT codes tell us about medical, surgical, and diagnostic service

These are specially designed to convey consistent information about medical services and procedure among patients, doctors, physicians.

On every October new edition are released. These codes identifies the services provided not about the diagnosis on claim


ICD stands for international classification of disease coding. The ICD is maintained by WHO and this is diagnostic tool for health management, epidemiology and health management. The main purpose of designing ICD is to classify diseases via diagnostic codes.

These codes are 6 character longs. We can say that these codes are designed to classify health problems and provides assistance on how to diagnostic over these problems.

Medical Billing Software

Students should get training on how to use Medical Billing Software. Training includes how to add information about new patient into your medical database correctly and completely, how to create financial transactions, and how to create common reports using these Medical Billing softwares.

There are various Medical Billing Softwares available online. You can check out these softwares to know more about these.

Workers’ Compensation

This is the most important topic that deals with how to identify fraud and abuse. So students should get training on how to deal with claims for compensation. This area covers study on medical claims in deep, CMS1500 federal worker completion form, judgment, appeal and compensation of claim filled by insurer.

Insurance Claims

Training in the field of Insurance claims help students in collecting and submission of insurance claims easily. It should also include the complete understanding of deductibles, receiving and transferring of payment and how to complete papers of insurance claims.

Here is the complete discussion on various subjects that must be taught to students . These subjects helps student to become more successful in field of Medical Billing and Coding. For more assistance on this please write us directly.


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